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Chatrandom OverviewOverview of Chatrandom

Chatrandom is a website that brings millions of people together from all over the world. It's a social network that connects strangers which is what makes it different from traditional social networks like Facebook that only connects you with people you already know. has become a leader in a fast-growing industry that caters to the global demand of users that are looking for a way to connect with strangers using their webcam online. There is a fundamental social shift that has been growing in the last few years where people around the world want to meet and interact with people they never met rather than their friends and social circles.

The site offers many chatting options for users including random chat, gay chat, girls chat, chat rooms and cam4 chat.

dot1Random Chat - Our most popular and most used feature on Chatrandom; random chat connects users to random strangers for one on one webcam chat. Random chat allows users to connect with other users around the world or in a specific country if selected.

dot2Gay Chat - Connects gay, bisexual and curious guys with like-minded strangers allowing users to have freedom to express their sexuality especially considering in most countries around the world it is still not accepted. Countless people around the world have their sexuality repressed which is simply unacceptable!

dot3Girls Roulette - Chatrandom users are 81% men and 19% women so for users that just want to connect with women instead of mostly men we created "Girls Roulette". We partnered with several cam sites and created a way for men to chat with only women in a more adult themed environment. Sign-up is free and is used to verify the user's age; since the women are performers, there are different laws and requirements that apply to the use of those sites.

dot4Chat Rooms - Remember AOL chat rooms? If you were an internet user in the early 90's, you surely do. The Chatrandom team did tons of research to find out what made that concept so popular and innovated on the idea to create a modern rendition of chat rooms, which by the way are still very popular! Chatrandom's chat rooms are based on the concept of meeting random people in a chat room setting, but we took it a step further and created features that make it much more fun and useful. For instance, you can watch up to 10 webcams of strangers at once and the user room limits have been raised from the standard 30 to 300 which makes things much livelier. Also, you can create your own avatar and even post YouTube videos directly into the chat room.

dot5Cam4 Chat - This is Chatrandom's newest and our most exciting feature! Based on the concept of random chat we connect you with four strangers at once so instead of having one on one webcam chat connections we made it much more exciting by connecting you to four other strangers at once. If you do not like the group you were connected with, simply press next and you will be connected with a fresh group of four people that you can webcam chat with all at the same time. A group chat setting makes the webcam chat experience less stressful and shyness can easily be overcome with the use of our Cam4 Chat feature.

Audience OverviewAudience

The audience that visits Chatrandom is very diverse and the site has users from over 185 countries (almost every country in the world). Since the website is something that is free and mainstream, we have users from almost every country in the world.

Chatrandom is visited by users of all backgrounds and ethnicities making Chatrandom a truly diverse community which interacts together creating a social community with people from all walks of life. The site's users include famous people, regular people, educated people, uneducated people, rich people, poor people and everyone in between.

Chatrandom truly breaks down the racial, educational, and financial divisions that society has created and everyone that uses the site is on the same level no matter where they come from, who they are, their sexual preference or how much money they have.

Growth RateGrowth Rate has had a tremendous amount of growth since its launch in 2011. The visitors are highly diverse and arrive at the site from a variety of methods. Most visitors are organically brought to Chatrandom due to search engine queries, browser bookmarks, social networks and word of mouth. The site has become viral and the growth had snowballed to levels we never even thought possible when we first launched. now attracts over 20 million total users per month and the site has more than doubled in size in just the past year. currently averages over an 8% user growth rate every month and is expected to follow the current year's growth trend which will propel the site to over 40 million monthly users by September of 2014.

Chatrandom has grown its user base by more than 100 times since its original launch. In 2011, less than 500 users were found online at any given moment. Today, more than 50,000 users are online at any given moment and that number continues rising. We recently hit over 100,000 users online which is a huge milestone for the site. This number is higher than all other sites in the industry combined. A big part of it is because hundreds of similar sites now use Chatrandom's technology which adds to the pool of people on Chatrandom.

Audience MetricsAudience Metrics

The following information describes the size and scale of's audience. These metrics are derived from multiple sources including Google Analytics and Alexa which combined shows an accurate estimate of Chatrandom's audience. These metrics were updated in September 2013 and are updated every time we update the press kit which happens every few months.

Monthly Unique Visitors: 10,520,000
Monthly Pageviews: 20,050,000
Pageviews Per Visit: 1.98
Average Time on Site: 5 Minutes 40 Seconds
Alexa Reach: 4357
Alexa Rank: 5235

Social MetricsSocial Media Metrics focuses on social presence and is active on most popular social networks. We have gained a sizeable following by posting content that is viral, fun and likely to be shared. We feel that one of the best way to reach a broad audience and grow the brand is by engaging a broad audience through the use of social networks. Below is information regarding our following and audience on the most popular social media networks.

Facebook icon Facebook Likes: > 250,000
Twitter icon Twitter Followers: 9,735
Google+ icon Google+ Followers: 4,021
Youtube icon YouTube Followers: 1,209

DemographicsUser Demographics

Here is information regarding the demographics of Chatrandom's audience.

Male Users Male Users: 81%
Women Users Female Users: 19%

Global Users Users By Country

Chatrandom Users by Country

Link StatsChatrandom Links

Chatrandom has over 60,000 links pointing to the website that has been built since 2011. These links are an indicator of just how popular Chatrandom has become since its launch. Most links come from blogs, related websites and social networks that drive a sizeable percentage of Chatrandom's traffic and are a good indicator of just how well known the Chatrandom brand has become.

Total Links Total Inbound Links: 61,427
Homepage Links Backlinks to Homepage: 32,252
All Links Backlinks to All Web Pages: 62,597

For WebmastersOpportunity for Webmasters offers a unique opportunity for webmasters to integrate the technology created by Chatrandom to provide a chat option for their website's users. This code is available for free from the webmasters page on the Chatrandom website. By using this free code, webmasters can integrate cutting-edge random webcam chat technologies on their website free of cost and with no technical knowledge about coding or programming required. This makes it easy to add any of Chatrandom's chat features into any website which can be live on any site in less than a few minutes. The reason webmasters add Chatrandom's features to their sites is because it has been proven to help all types of websites grow their user base by providing their audience with a live webcam connected community.

Adults OnlyWhy Our Site is for Adults Only

While Chatroulette and many of the other sites in the industry allow kids to use their site, Chatrandom has taken a moral stand and only allows adults to use the website. Chatrandom employs full-time moderators that monitor the site and ban kids from using the site. We think that it is common sense that a site that connects users to complete strangers should not have kids on it and we openly condemn big sites like Chatroulette and Omegle for allowing children to access their website!

Also our goal is to work with the press to educate and bring awareness to parents about the dangers of these types of sites to kids. Most parents do not even know that these sites exist and even if they do they do not think they can be harmful to their kids. We need the press to help us reach out to parents around the world because it is ultimately the parent's job to monitor their children's internet usage and stop them from the dangers lurking in the online world. We created information for parents that outlines the dangers and also the steps parents can take to prevent their children from accessing sites that are a danger to them.

Chatrandom MilestonesImportant Milestones

1. Finding Love on Chatrandom

Chatrandom Love

We received an email from a man in Germany about how he found "the one" by using our site. What started as an adventure to meet strangers online due to being lonely turned into something that was thought could only be seen in a movie; true love! Our goal when we launched Chatrandom was to provide strangers with the possibility to meet, build friendships and even find true love. Getting this email was the biggest validation we could have gotten and we consider this a major milestone in Chatrandom's history. Read our blog post Users Find Love on Chatrandom for more details.

2. Hitting 100K Users Online

Chatrandom 100k

Another milestone that just recently took place was Chatrandom having 100 thousand users online in random chat at the same time. To be honest, when we launched Chatrandom we did not even fathom that a day like this would be possible. The founders of the site have been working seven days a week, over twelve hours each day without a vacation or major break since 2011. It paid off and seeing our numbers climb to this unprecedented level made all those sleepless nights and years of hard work worthwhile!

3. Surpassing Chatroulette

Chatrandom vs. Chatroulette

When we launched Chatrandom we wanted to bring the world a Chatroulette alternative that would provide users with the freedoms that Chatroulette had taken away from users; especially the freedom to be yourself without being banned or censored. We never got the media attention that Chatroulette received which made that site a household name virtually overnight. Instead we focused on providing users with the best possible platform to meet random people using their webcam. Through innovation and dedication, Chatrandom grew from being a Chatroulette alternative to a site with more differentiators and unique features than any site of its kind. As of May 20th, Chatrandom surpassed Chatroulette in popularity as evidenced by the chart below from Alexa which ranks the popularity of websites.

4. Well Funded Startup Airtime Fails

Airtime Chart

Airtime that was launched by Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker the founders of Napster received funding of over 30 million dollars and was supposed to be an industry killer. The founders of Chatrandom knew from the start that the site would not succeed because there was no anonymity for users and it was more like Skype with a Chatroulette twist. Users would have to login with Facebook and following in Chatroulette's footsteps Airtime imposed restrictions on freedom of expression which makes them the same as Chatroulette just with a bigger budget and more celebrities that lined up to endorse the site. With all the media coverage, celebrity endorsements and funding, the site ended up failing and was considered a major flop by any standard. Chatrandom on the other hand with very little resources continues growing at a rapid pace because of our commitment to user freedoms and technological innovations. See the chart below from Compete that shows the overnight meteoric growth and the fall that soon followed.

Goals and AchievementsChatrandom's Goals and Achievements

Over the last few years, Chatrandom has put together a brilliant team of programmers, writers, designers, social media experts and more. We're able to work closely together as a team to provide our users with what they are looking for when deciding which random webcam chat site to use and call their home. Our team has clear goals and a vision which allows us to consistently experience growth both in user numbers and as a brand. Our achievements reflect how solid of a team we have and how well we work together to make all these achievements possible.

Our main goal is to globalize Chatrandom and make it a household name in every country in the world which makes the world a smaller place by connecting people from all corners of the planet together. Whether a person wants to learn about a new culture, find love, kill some free time, find an online fling or even develop a friendship with someone half way across the world we make it all possible.

A popular feature on random chat is our "country selector" which allows users to select a country and connect with other users only from the selected country they choose. This way a user can connect with other users in a specific country, making it easy to communicate and interact with people that share their culture and language.

We make it easy for lonely people to socialize with others without leaving the comfort of their own home. Chatrandom becomes the ideal solution for people who want to overcome anxiety and panic attacks when socializing with others since they can simply close the browser if conversations get too overwhelming and don't have to worry about ever seeing that person again.

Outlook for IndustryIndustry Outlook

The random webcam chat industry is constantly growing and the amount of new users that use these types of sites is still growing at rates seen in the early stages of a new online industry or concept. This is the newest and most promising social media networking concept since the meteoric rise of Facebook. Since connections are live and it's in our human nature to socialize with others on a daily basis, the random webcam chat industry is poised to be the next big thing in social networking. Although it has been around for over four years, it's still far away from peaking and the major growth period of this industry is just starting. We strongly believe that the random webcam chat industry has a very bright future and Chatrandom is positioned to continue to be the leader of the pack with innovations that will continue to help propel the growth of this very promising industry.

The freedom of expression and the ability to be someone that you aren't in the real world is one of the biggest reasons for Chatrandom's and the entire random webcam chat industry's explosive continuous growth rate.

Chatrandom PressPress Coverage

Chatrandom has been covered in the press several times and we are humbled and appreciate all the coverage we have been getting. We do press releases on a regular basis to help the press learn more about our site and what we do. Below are just a few examples of some of the press releases and coverage the site has received.

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SB Wire News"ChatRandom Reaches Record Numbers with 60 Billion Connections"
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PR Web"a lot more excitement and fun than the original Chatroulette."
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PR News Wire"ChatRandom offers top five tips for safe webcam chat"
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eReleases"More and more, celebrities are popping in on these sites"
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