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We have made it easy for webmasters to get features we offer on Chatrandom for their websites. By adding chat to your site you will increase the amount of users that regularly use your site and attract new users with these addictive features. To implement the chat: choose which one you want below, generate the code based on your preferences & simply copy / paste the code into your website where you want it to display. Here is what we are offering to webmasters:

✔ Roulette Chat   ✔ Gay Roulette Chat   ✔ Chat Rooms   ✔ Cam4 Multi Chat
(all chat applications are available in 10 languages)

Roulette Chat
Gay Roulette
Cam4 Chat
Chat Rooms

Webmaster Agreement

Updated: July 27, 2015

By Using Chatrandom's code on your website you agree to the following:

1. You will not cover any part of the chat including but not limited to the "girls" button.
2. You will only place this code on sites that are for adults.
3. You will not build "spammy" links to the site you place our code into.
4. You will abide by all laws and regulations that you are required to.
5. You will indemnify and hold harmless Chatrandom and it's owners in any action arising from your use of this code.
6. You will not use our chat technology on any website that contains our trademark in the domain name or use our trademark "Chatrandom" to confuse users into thinking that your website is somehow endorsed by, partnered with or related to Chatrandom without prior written approval.
7. You will not steal, reproduce or otherwise infringe on our copyrighted works including but not limited to text, images and videos found on Chatrandom.
8. Chat apps are for non-commercial use by webmasters, licensing for commercial use starts at $10,000 per month. Commercial use by webmasters constitutes acceptance and commitment to pay all incurred licensing fees

If you violate any of these terms your permission to use our chat technology and copyrights will be automatically revoked and we will force you to remove our chat code from your website without warning!

If you violate the trademark or copyright provisions of this agreement we will take legal action and as part of this agreement you agree to pay the legal fees incurred by Chatrandom for such action. You also agree to pay a licensing fee equal to $250 per day for each day you infringed on either our trademark or copyright.

This agreement may be updated and/or changed from time to time. By using the Chatrandom code on your site you accept that you have read, fully understand and will comply with the terms of this agreement. You also hereby accept any updates and/or changes to this agreement which will be posted on this page as they happen. Please check this page in the future to see the current version of the agreement that you have accepted and are obliged to follow.

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